Saturday 20 Jan, 2024

Starting at 9:00AM

STUDIO Meetingpoint

Nordenskiöldsgatan 24 211 19 Malmö

How to run a session?

MeasureCamp operates as an unconference, signifying that the Session Board begins the day completely empty. Anyone has the opportunity to host a session, whether it’s a presentation, a discussion, or even a gameshow. As the board opens up, individuals can secure a 30-minute time slot and a room by placing their session card on the board. Simultaneously, up to 7 sessions can take place.

The session card template includes sections for the session title, description, and your name. Additionally, there are designated spaces for tags that offer more details about the session.

The available tag options are:

  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • Type: Workshop, Presentation, or Discussion
  • Focus: Technical, Analytical, or Business

To ensure smooth participation, we encourage you to download and print a A5 copy of the session card template before MeasureCamp Malmö. Write your session details in large, clear writing, keeping in mind that it should be readable from the back of a crowd. If your handwriting isn’t the best, consider having a friend fill out the card for you. Please use a marker, not a pen.

Presenting? There will be projectors or screens in all rooms, bring you own computer to plugin with HDMI.

Don´t have time to prepare?
No worries, there will be empty session cards to fill in on site.

Download MeasureCamp Session Card template – PDF Version

Download MeasureCamp Session Card template – Word Version

After completing your session card, don’t hesitate to snap a photo and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Seek feedback in advance – are your tags accurate? Bring the printed card with you, ready to be posted on the session board as soon as it becomes available.

Inspirations of session cards and session boards from previous MeasureCamps